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Branding Your Business .


What Does it Mean to Brand Your Business?

Your brand is your commitment to your customer. Your brand should build trust with your clients. It is a representation of who you are and what you stand for. Your brand also represents your voice and what makes you unique. Branding your business starts with a process of defining the brand, researching the market for what you offer, how your customers relate with what you offer, identifying your name and logo, and then managing and protecting your brand after the launch.

Why Should I Invest in Branding My Company?

It takes a team to establish a brand. There are countless hours invested in establishing a brand and successfully linking that brand with your customers. Our team at Glupal helps bring your vision to a reality and then to the market. But anyone can do that. What makes us different is our understanding of how to successfully represent your brand in the hearts and minds of the client. It’s kind of spiritual in a way. Is your current brand working for you? Is it successfully conveying what you stand for and believe in to your customers? Do your customers know what you do or what you offer? How do they feel when they see your logo or when you pick up the phone? If you have those answers, you’re on the right track. If not, we can help.

Is Branding Right for Me?

Keeping your brand fresh and in front of your clients is an ongoing process. Think about how many times you see brands for some of the most popular businesses in the world. Think about the ones that didn’t stay on top of evolving when the time came. Some brands have legacies behind them. Some have withstood competitor after competitor, coming our victorious time again. If your brand echoes in the hearts of your clients, you’re doing well. Do people love your brand as much as you love some of your favorite brands? They can. They should. So yes, it’s right for you and for your business.

Branding Services


Our team researches everything about your market as well as everything about your product or service. We get to know who you are and what you do.


How is your brand different, where does fit in, and what are the needs of your consumer? These answers give us insight to position your product or service..


What does your brand stand for? What do you offer and why? How is better? We will define the internal/external face of your brand to your consumers.


We will help with your brand name, the logo, and creating a tagline that fits your business. This gives your business and identity and voice for your business.


We will also work on giving your brand a consistent look, ensure a consistent message and tone, suggest how to protect your brand, and help manange your brand.


Once we have established a name, a look, a voice, and a presence we will assist in launching your brand and getting your name visible online and offline.

Branding Prices

Prices are used to provide an estimate and may vary.

Logo Creation

Our designers will research your market and target audience, plan, and then design the perfect logo for your business. We have partnered with some of the top-talent in the industry to provide a wide range of styling, messaging, and originality.

Name Development

Needing a new business name? A business name should be catchy, avoid trademark violations, have a meaning, not limit business growth, among many other factors. Our team will conduct the research necessary to cultivate a unique and powerful name for your business.

Website Design

Have a new website idea? We keep each website design we create up-to-date with the latest trends. Want something completely different? We can do that to. Our team will come up with a unique design with focus on user experience and user interface (UX/UI).

Advertising (not including Ad Spend)

Brand awareness is important! Get a 6 month pay-per-click campaign geared toward getting your business noticed in your area. This is an important step to help increase traffic to your website and collect data about your clients. See more pay-per-click campaign options or call today to get started.


Get 20 hours of SEO to jump-start your website's online exposure. Optimizing your website for search engine optimization is the best way to reel in organic (free) traffic and position your business for optimal success.

Social Media Engagement

Needing help managing or creating content for popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? We can help. Social media can be a great vehicle for brand awareness, information, advertisement, event planning, and much more.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials can include business cards, brochures, flyers, and other marketing resources to help broaden your brand awareness. All of the work from Glupal is completely custom so your business will retain a unique, fresh look. This package will contain everything you need to get started with your new brand. Contact us for more details!


When Should I Start Branding My Business?

Whether your business is a startup or has been around for years, branding is always a crucial centerpiece of your company. Waiting to be properly branded or waiting to establish brand awareness can cost considerable profit over time. Speak with a branding specialist and learn more about how we can help get your company noticed while keeping an edge on competition.


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