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What is SEO Copywriting?

Every day users are searching for “stuff” online, generating millions of search results. If your website does not contain these “popular” keywords, you don’t show up in the search engine results page (SERP). In other words, Internet users don’t find your business. SEO copywriting is a process of combining research and strategic placement of keywords throughout the copy in a focused effort to drive website traffic higher in search engine result pages. The more relevant, authoritative, and authentic content your website includes, the better the site places organically. Using this process in combination with a pay-per-click strategy creates an effective marketing campaign, maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Why Should I Invest in Good Copy for My Website?

In order for search engines like Google to serve your website to a user, your content needs to be current and relevant. By incorporating popular keywords on your website you can increase your website’s online visibility. Adding unique, keyword-rich copy to your website is an effective strategy for increasing your website traffic. Investing in powerful copy for your website can increase brand awareness, attract new sales, increase your edge in competition, and drive users to your business.  

Is Your Website Copy Getting You Found Online?

If your website doesn’t contain much text or your business is having issues getting found online, it could be because of your current website copy. Copy should contain various words and variations of words in order to reach the largest target audience possible. Researching what your target audience is searching for and using those queries in your copy is just one way of helping boost your online presence. 

Copywriting Services

SEO Focus

No text, no search engine results (or limited at best). Copy focused around an SEO strategy is a powerful method to increase website traffic organically.


It is important that your audience understands your delivery and content. We use the Flesch readability score to ensure content is easily digested.


We capture keywords your target audience uses to find your products and services and incorporate them throughout textual content.


All content released by Glupal is specific per customer and is authentic in origination. We do not plagiarize. All of our copy is unique per project.


Relative content is equally important when ranking in search engines. Our team covers each page to ensure content flows and is relative.


Content from your business should be authoritative. It is how your users come to trust your brand and word. Be the authority for your market.

SEO Copywriting Pricing

Prices are used to provide an estimate and may vary depending on the requirements.

When Should I Start Working on Website Copy?

Working on copywriting usually goes well when working on your company branding and prior to your website design (if it’s possible). Having your target copy before creating a website allows designers to create around the copy. If you already have a website and wonder if your copy is sufficient, our team can analyze your website and go over the results with your team. Contact us for a free website analysis.


We service businesses across the United States.

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One page of copy will equate to around 350-500 words.

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